We also offer skippered charter, where we provide a friendly skipper to sail the yacht for you. This is a great option for people who haven't sailed before as you are introduced to sailing with the guidance of a qualified skipper and get to sailors experience!
If you do not wish to have the full responsibility, we can offer you to charter your yacht with a skipper. In this case, please note that, one cabin must be saved for the skipper and he will be in need of your hand during the sailing activities and manoeuvrings. Alternatively, we can recommend you to hire a professional crew member (seaman) or a hostess, during your sailing holiday.

Our experienced skippers firstly assist the guests with the safety rules, and then enjoy showing them the best beaches and unknown bays around! Each skippered charter starts with a briefing that goes over the places you wish to see and visit. Your skipper will be happy to suggest ideas and destinations learned from many years of experience, highlighting beaches and places of interest that are often only accessible by boat, only if the sea and weather conditions are available. With our skipper your sailing holiday is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience, just step aboard and enjoy your holiday!