Charter Forms

Charter Forms

Please send us the following documents latest two week prior to the beginning of your charter; we can arrange all necessary formalities in advance.

-    Complete crew list

(With first- and surname, date of birth, nationality and passport number). 

-    Copy of the skipper´s sailing license
(Must be a license which is accepted in the home country of the skipper). 

-    Copy of ID cards or Passports from 2 crew members. 

-    Signed charter agreement with SK-Yachting terms and conditions.

We can organize transfers from the airport to the marina and back. In case of ordering a transfer, please fill in the form.
Free internet in all transfer cars!

If desired we can arrange provisioning service for you, please fill in shopping list and send us one week before your charter. Your order will be prepared and delivered to your boat, delivery service is free of charge.